Simulation of E2 Nodes

RAN simulator is capable of simulating an arbitrary number of E2 nodes. The E2 nodes can be defined statically in the simulation model (Simulation Model) from the RAN simulator helm chart or can be added/removed at runtime using RAN simulator APIs.

Each E2 node implements an E2 agent interface. Currently, each E2 agent implements E2AP procedures including Subscription, Subscription Delete, Connection Update, and Configuration Update. and Control procedures.

Supported Service Models

The supported service models are listed as follows:

Done ✓

  • [x] ORAN-E2SM-KPM, Version 1.0

  • [x] ORAN-E2SM-KPM, Version 2.0

  • [ ] RC-PRE

    • [x] PCI Use case

  • [x] E2SM-MHO, Version 1.0

In Progress