Command-Line Interface

The project provides a command-line facilities for remotely interacting with the UE NIB subsystem.

The commands are available at run-time using the consolidated onos client hosted in the onos-cli repository.

The documentation about building and deploying the consolidated onos client or its Docker container is available in the onos-cli GitHub repository.


To see the detailed usage help for the onos uenib ... family of commands, please see the CLI documentation


Here are some concrete examples of usage:

List CellInfo and SubscriberData of all UEs, that have these aspects.

$ onos uenib get ues --aspect onos.uenib.CellInfo

Create a new CustomData aspect for a UE:

$ onos uenib create ue 9182838476 --aspect operator.CustomData='{"foo": "bar", "special": true}'

Show all aspect data in verbose form for a given UE:

$ onos uenib get ue 9182838476 --verbose

Watch all changes in the UE NIB, without replay of existing UE information:

$ onos uenib watch ues --no-replay

Delete CustomData aspect for a specific UE:

$ onos uenib delete ue 9182838476 --aspect operator.CustomData