Go Application SDK for ONOS RIC (µONOS Architecture)

The goal of this library is to make application development as easy as possible. To that end, the library should rely heavily on a set of newly established conventions that will result in certain default behaviours. To allow some applications to depart from these defaults, the library should be written in a modular fashion with high level abstractions and behaviours composed of lower-level ones. Most applications should be able to rely on the top-level abstractions, but some apps may need to instead utilize the lower-level abstraction.


The SDK is managed using Go modules. To include the SDK in your Go application, add the github.com/onosproject/onos-ric-sdk-go module to your go.mod:

go get github.com/onosproject/onos-ric-sdk-go


For the detail usage of each API, you can refer to the following links:

E2 API Usage

O1 API Usage

Topo API Usage

A1 API Usage