gRPC API definitions for the µONOS platform


This repository houses not only the .proto files, but also a number of automatically generated artifacts, e.g. .pb.go, .py files and similarly for other languages that may be added in the future.

The source tree structure is paritioned into proto, which contains the canonical protobuf definitions and a top-level directory for each of the supported languages. The structure within each of the language-specific directories reflects the idoms and conventions appropriate to each language.


The top-level package for the protobuf definitions is onos and the next level subpackage is the name of the particular platform subsystem, such as config, topo, etc. This directory tree should contain exclusively the .proto files and not be tainted by any other artifacts, especially any language-specific ones.

The proto files are compiled and processed via build/bin/compile-protos.sh script, which is invoked by the Makefile. All protofiles here should follow the established guidelines and must pass the protobuf lint checker enforcing these conventions.


The go source tree holds the automatically-generated .pb.go artifacts and also any manually authored .go source files written in support of the Golang bindings. To minimize the churn and to exercise tighter control over versioning, the generated files are also versioned and maintained in the SCM repo.

The root package of the module is github.com/onosproject/onos-api/go/onos, with subpackages being named after each of the platform subsystems, mirroring the structure of the proto packages. Golang projects that wish to import µONOS API packages should include the following in the requirements section of their go.mod file:

require (
	github.com/onosproject/onos-api/go v0.6.1

Additionally, Go bindings are generated with mocks for testing with gomock. Mocks of Protobuf interfaces can be constructed via the same package as the interfaces they mock:

import topoapi "github.com/onosproject/onos-api/go/onos/topo"
mockClient := topoapi.NewMockTopoClient(ctrl)


The python source tree holds gRPC bindings are generated for Python. Pyhton bindings are generated with the python-betterproto protoc plugin and support Python3’s asyncio framework.